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  • Helping you learn more about your Members

    Datable pulls your data analytics source and shares customized user insight you want.


    Which users/members should you focus on? Here are a few we can help you identify.



    Member Discovery

    Are you looking at identifying new members or customers on your platform? We can identify which members to reach out to based on limited data or data rich sources.


    Member Retention

    You have members/users that aren't active but you're not sure why? Let's identify members that aren't active and help you re-engage them.



    Segmenting Members

    Sadly not all members are equally excited about your services. We can help you learn about members who are willing to spend more versus those that you should stop spending marketing efforts on.

    Sentiment and NLP analysis

    We're analyzing sentiment of messages in order to deliver accurate labels of users. We're currently at an 80% accuracy rate. We can crawl social media or read comments and content shared by your customers to give you insights on their thoughts of your product and service.

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    Lull Mengesha

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    Data Scientist

    Daniel Gibson

    Data Scientist

    Jared Thompson


    Galvanize professor

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